Frequently Asked Questions.

Could my loved one come to your facility even though the doctor in the hospital is recommending a nursing home?
Yes.  Lots of times doctors do not understand the services we offer and your loved one would be just fine.  They are even able to receive all therapies here.

What will it cost?
Monthly rates vary depending upon the level of service required.  There is also state assistance to pay for your entire stay if you qualify.  Just call for more details.

Are there any private rooms and what is the size?
Yes.  All of our rooms are private and range in size from 325-400 square feet.  Also if your spouse wants to move in also we offer a few apartments with double occupancy.  All rooms include a private bath, closet area, and kitchenette.

What age limit is there?
Residents must be at least 58 years old.

Will I be allowed to have a vehicle and drive?
Yes.  If you have a current license for the vehicle and its operation.

What are the qualifications of your staff?
Staff members include RN's, LPN's, and CNA's.

Do you focus on dementia and alzheimers care or only those physically impaired?

What kind of security do you have?
All exterior doors are electronically monitored.  There is a code required to enter and exit the facility.

Is visitation allowed; during what hours?
Visitation will be encouraged as desired by the residents to the extent that other residents are not disturbed.

Will I be allowed to leave the facility?

What if I need something from town?
We make scheduled trips to Wal-Mart and town.

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